Quick Intel's Contract Scanner Adds 4 New Features During Feature Week

Aug 25, 2023

Scanner Feature

Quick Intel has just completed “Feature Week”! 

Feature Week saw us release several new Quick Intel Contract Scanner features.  These features continue to round out the already massive utility already available in the Quick Intel scanner. 

At Quick Intel, we see product improvement and user-friendliness as key differentiators in how our project is run.  As a side note, some of these features were taken directly from the community’s suggestions.  There's no doubt that these new features will be a game-changer for many individuals!

Quick Intel’s Contract Scanner is available on the Web, Android, and IOS.  It is free to use and is capable of scanning contracts on 26 different chains!  We also have two additional holder or subscriber tiers that unlock additional features to make your research easier and faster.

Recent Contract Scans (Personal Scan History):

This has been a feature requested many times by our community, and we are pleased to announce Recent Scans for our Tiered users is now live!  This feature allows you to quickly and easily click back to previous contract scans you have performed allowing for easier research.

  • Basic Plus Tier - Quickly access your last 5 scans

  • All Access Tier - Quickly access your last 10 scans

You can access recent scans from both the main scanning page as well as the scan results page

Recently Run Actions By The Contract Owner:

Understanding recent actions run by a contract owner is crucial. Many tools show recent owner actions, but we're taking it up a notch!  Not only do we now show you the latest activity, but also the values changed!  This information is extremely important as it allows you to see what the project owner is changing within the contract, allowing you to verify what they say versus what they do.

This feature is available in our All Access tier!

Multi-Chain Deployer’s Previously Deployed Tokens:

Wouldn't knowing if a project's deployer has deployed other tokens be nice to know?  But not just on the chain you are scanning, but across MULTIPLE chains?  Now you can, with Quick Intel's Multi-Chain Previously Deployed Tokens feature!

This feature is available in our All Access tier!

Customizable Profiles:

What's something everyone likes to make it feel like their own?  Personalization!  Setting a username, photo, and your Telegram or Twitter handle is now available!  

Now, what kind of future use case would this integration allow?  Well, we will let you speculate on that one! 🤔

Available to everyone with a linked wallet!