Quick Intel Partners With XAlpha And Adds Chain #40: BLAST

Mar 3, 2024

Project Updates

What a busy week!  Quick Intel attended ETHDenver24 and dropped some news surrounding our newest utility, Swaply, which is now in closed beta.  Further, Quick Intel continues to push forward, making our suite of contract scanners easier and even more helpful.  To top it off, we added a new partnership and a new blockchain!

Quick Intel's Contract Scanner has become a cornerstone in the Web3 space, offering free, multi-platform accessibility (web, Android, iOS) and the power to scan 40 chains. It fuels over 10 million API calls weekly, seamlessly integrated with your favorite Web3 platforms.

Additionally, our tiered subscription options provide users with even more features to streamline their research.

Let’s check out what is new!

Quick Intel Partners With XAlpha

Quick Intel is happy to announce a partnership with XAlpha.  XAlpha will be integrating the Quick Intel scanner results into their browser extension.

XAlpha is an AI-driven extension that spotlights trending tokens and market trends directly in your browser!

“Get real-time analytics from our "AI-powered Extension", right on your Twitter Feed!"

The Tweet Analysis AI

"Our inhouse build AI algorithms continuously reads the public tweets (only and only public data) #NO PRIVACY BREACH and identifies the tokens which are potentially discussed in the conversation.

Majority of users in the crypto space often use Metamask, phantom, or wallet extensions. Similarly, the X-Alpha extension is as simple, basic and can be audited by anyone and you can be very assured of your privacy."

Social Media Handles and other quick links

"X-alpha's AI algorithm scans all the crypto data touchpoints to identify the social media handles, enabling instant information access to further DYOR projects."

Social Media Trend Analysis

"Afterall community and marketing is what makes a token grow if the fundamentals and narrative fit is strong, but its impossible to gauge it for newly launched tokens, X-alpha Social Analysis of the token ticker ($token) is going to make every investor make better decision increasing their chance of winning."

We look forward to working with the XAlpha team, further expanding the importance of security, educating, and safeguarding users!

Head over to https://x-alpha.ai/x-alpha to learn more about this exciting project and install their browser extension!

Quick Intel Adds BLAST Chain Contract Audit Support To The Quick Intel Suite Of Utilities

Quick Intel successfully added support for the newly launched BLAST blockchain on their launch day!

"BLAST Blockchain is a Fast, Secure, Scalable, Low-cost, Layer two (L2) and EVM compatible Blockchain built on the Ethereum network.

BLAST is a high-speed access Ethereum network at a lower cost.

  • Developer Friendly

  • EVM Compatible

  • High Perfomance at a Lower Cost

  • Native Integration With The Ethereum Ecosystem

  • Stability, Security and Scalability

  • Powered by OP Stack Open Source


Head over to https://blastblockchain.com to learn more about this chain!