Quick Intel Partners With UNCX Network (UniCrypt) & Lossless, New Chains: LightLink & Elektrix DEX

Oct 30, 2023

Project Updates

Did we mention there was more?  The week ended up being so busy a second post was needed for all the details!  Quick Intel continues to push forward making our suite of contract scanners easier and even more useful, adding two new partnerships, and two new blockchains.

Quick Intel’s Contract Scanner is available on the Web, Android, and IOS.  It is free to use and can scan contracts on 26 different chains!  We also have two additional holder or subscriber tiers that unlock additional features to make your research easier and faster.

Let’s check out what is new!

Quick Intel Partners With UNCX Network (Formerly UniCrypt) & Lossless 

Quick Intel is happy to announce a partnership with UNCX Network (formerly UniCrypt) and Lossless.  

If a contract has been deployed from the UNCX Minter, the Quick Intel web and mobile utilities will show a badge depicting this, along with the state of Lossless, and if it was enabled.  

With this badge, users can ensure this contract was created from a trusted source.  As always, this does not guarantee anything nor can it detect if a person has malicious intent.  And remember, do your own research!

About UNCX Network

"UNCX Network (formerly UniCrypt) is a leading provider of decentralized finance services. We are consistent market innovators of automated and scalable token solutions. Thousands of investors and projects rely on our certified & secured technology to participate in DeFi safely. Many imitate, but few innovate like we did.

Discover our fully customizable token solutions. Our original ENMT minter and our new Tax Token minter which allows completely customizable taxes. We offer a full suite of options such as regular taxes, LP taxes, buybacks, reflections or even a custom label. Mint/Pause/Blacklist functions are also available."

Head over to https://uncx.network to learn more about this exciting project!

About Lossless

"Lossless is a leader in Web3 security architecture and exploit mitigation tools. By combining community-driven threat identification strategies with a unique stake-based reporting system, Lossless protocol efficiently tracks suspicious on-chain activity, freezing malicious transactions and recovering stolen funds."

Head over to https://lossless.io to learn more about this exciting project!

Quick Intel Adds LightLink Chain Contract Audit Support To The Quick Intel Suite Of Scanners

Quick Intel successfully added support for the newly launched LightLinkblockchain.

"Layer 2 blockchain secured by Ethereum, purposefully built for Metaverse, NFT and Gaming applications.  Low cost. High speed. Effortless scale. Our chain is secured, and decentralised by Ethereum.

LightLink is a layer 2 scaling solution. It is a second layer that sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This allows LightLink to process transactions off-chain much faster than Ethereum. LightLink can process up to 5,712 transactions per second compared to Ethereum's 15 transactions per second.

Unlike Ethereum, LightLink has very low transaction fees, averaging at around $0.01 with transactions costing as low as $0.001."

Head over to https://lightlink.io to learn more about this chain!

Quick Intel Adds Elektrik DEX Chain Contract Audit Support To The Quick Intel Suite Of Scanners

Quick Intel successfully added support for the newly launched Elektrik DEX blockchain.

"Elektrik is a decentralized exchange on the LightLink network that operates on a peer-to-peer model, allowing direct trading and inclusive liquidity provision.  Its capital-efficient design offers tighter spreads and reduces slippage, enhancing the trading experience and increasing yields for liquidity providers.  This fosters a more decentralized and user-friendly trading environment."

Head over to https://elektrik.network to learn more about this chain!