Quick Intel Now Supports Social & Email Connect Sign In

Feb 25, 2024

Project Updates


Quick Intel’s Contract Scanner is available on the Web, Android, and IOS.  It is free to use and can scan contracts on 39 different chains!  We also have two additional holder or subscriber tiers that unlock additional features to make your research easier and faster.

Let’s dig into today’s topic!

How does this benefit Quick Intel users?

Till this point, $QKNTL token holders were required to use Wallet Connect and sign a read-only transaction in the wallet to verify they were the wallet owner and held the appropriate amount of tokens to meet the tier requirements.  For security purposes, we required users to re-sign (authorize) this read-only transaction weekly.  While this method is secure, it was… annoying.  Each device you wanted to use (Desktop, Laptop, Phone, etc.) required you to follow those same steps and then re-sign each week.

With both the Social Connect and Email Connect sign in methods, you link a wallet (authorize and sign a read-only transaction) a single time and then simply use that sign in method to seamlessly sign in on any of your devices!  No more digging your wallet out and dealing with validating your wallet on a weekly basis!  

Additionally, there are some other “things” coming soon which we believe you will find these new connection methods are useful to fully take advantage of the Quick Intel ecosystem and $QKNTL token.

What sign in methods are supported?

Quick Intel understands that not everyone wants to use a Social Connect or Email Connect method.  We did not get rid of the Wallet Connect method, rather we added two new ways to safely and securely sign in to your profile and provide a truly cross-platform experience.  See the below graphic for the various sign in methods we now support.  Signing in to your profile is NOT a requirement to use the scanner, however if you want the added benefits of being a $QKNTL token holder, you will need to choose one of the first three sign in methods.  

How do you link an external wallet to your Social / Email Connect profiles for your tier benefits?

So, you’ve signed in with using the Social Connect or Email Connect method.  Great job!  You can now use that sign in method on any of your devices, just like you are used to elsewhere.  

The next step is to link a $QKNTL token holding wallet to your new profile.  Please see the below graphic for the steps required to do so.  If you are familiar with the Wallet Connect method, then this is very similar.  As an added benefit, you only need to go through this process once and the wallet will be linked to your profile from now on.

Note:  If you wish to change the wallet linked to your profile, look at step 4 and click the “Clear Wallet” button, then start back at step 1 to link your new wallet.

What does buying $QKNTL tokens or paying for a subscription provide?

While the Quick Intel scanner is available for FREE for anyone to use, we do reward our $QKNTL holders and subscribers if you meet the below criteria.  The benefits include MORE data and information to speed up your DYOR as well as access to our ShadowShield AI (for our All Access tier).  ShadowShield leverages AI to go beyond just what a contract contains and uses an extensive library of scams and rug pulls which allows it to see things that most humans can’t.