Quick Intel Contract Audit Adds Verified Scans Flag, Partnership With GemPad, New Chain: Mantle

Oct 27, 2023

Project Updates

Just when you think it will be a slow week, Quick Intel continues to push forward making our suite of contract scanners even more powerful, adding a new partnership, and a new blockchain.

Quick Intel’s Contract Scanner is available on the Web, Android, and IOS.  It is free to use and can scan contracts on 26 different chains!  We also have two additional holder or subscriber tiers that unlock additional features to make your research easier and faster.

Let’s check out what is new!

Quick Intel Contract Audit Adds "Verified Scam" Identification!

Ever seen a contract audit look great, but the devs pulled a fast one elsewhere?  We certainly have.  To help protect Quick Intel’s users, we have made our manual scam validation flag available in our suite of tools as well as hooked it into our similar/exact contract module.  We hope this additional layer of protection keeps you safe while on your crypto journey!

Quick Intel Partners With GemPad!

Quick Intel is happy to announce another new partnership!  Quick Intel and GemPad are now partnered to keep users safe regardless of the tool or site used.  As such, GemPad has added a link back to the Quick Intel contract audit scan to allow quick research before investing.  On the Quick Intel side, we have added support for GenPad’s LP Locker and Launchpad contracts.  

“GemPad is a frontline protocol for users and project-owners to launch their projects and tokens.

The Launchpad for everyone who wants to launch or invest in the best projects. GemPad is the community's launchpad where our community has a say. Here we have unmatched support unlike anything out there, while still having some of the lowest fees. Choose GemPad, pick the best option for your project and community.

GemPad is a frontline protocol for users and project-owners designed to help to launch their projects and tokens in the easiest way possible. We support Seed Rounds, Private Sales, Partial Raises, Presales, Fair Launches, Hyper launches, Stealth Hyper launches, Stealth Fair Launches and Stealth Launches which no other launchpad out there supports at the moment.”

Head over to http://gempad.app to learn more about this exciting project!

Quick Intel Adds Mantle Chain Contract Audit Support To The Quick Intel Suite Of Scanners

Quick Intel successfully added support for the newly launched Mantle blockchain.

“Mantle Network is a technology stack for scaling Ethereum, and we strive to be EVM-compatible while doing so. Being EVM-compatible means all the contracts and tools that work on Ethereum also work on Mantle Network with minimal modifications. Users can experiment with exciting web3 apps, and developers can deploy smart contracts in an efficient, low-fee environment. 

At its core, Mantle Network has been built with a modular architecture that combines an optimistic rollup protocol with an innovative data availability solution. This allows Mantle Network to inherit security from Ethereum AND offer cheaper and more accessible data availability..”

Head over to https://www.mantle.xyz to learn more about this chain!