Quick Intel Contract Audit Adds Hidden Address Detection, Easier Chain Searching, New Chain: Scroll

Oct 20, 2023

Project Updates

Another week is in the books and Quick Intel continues to push forward making our suite of contract scanners easier to use and adding new blockchains.

Quick Intel’s Contract Scanner is available on the Web, Android, and IOS.  It is free to use and can scan contracts on 26 different chains!  We also have two additional holder or subscriber tiers that unlock additional features to make your research easier and faster.

Let’s check out what is new!

Quick Intel Contract Audit Adds Hidden Address Detection!

The scammers never stop trying to scam you, so Quick Intel never stops updating our detection methods to help keep you safer.  With that said, we have added a “Hidden Address” audit data point to provide more information to our users.   Now, I am sure you are saying “umm.. that’s great.. what the heck are you talking about?”  Let’s take a look at what the scammers are doing now!

When you look at the image above and see that number being pointed out, what does your mind immediately think?  You probably think it is just another complicated piece of information in the contract’s coding and is perfectly fine.  That is what the scammers want you to think!  That number is actually a “hidden” address (such as a wallet or another contract) that is embedded in the contract. 

While Quick Intel calls this to your attention, part of DYOR is for you to ask the project why they created the contract in that way, and what the intent behind that specific piece of code is.  There very well could be a valid and appropriate reason to have this, but typically hiding things in a contract doesn’t lead to a favorable outcome for investors.

The Yes/No data point is available to all users. The hidden address is provided to our holder or subscriber tiers.

Quick Intel Web & Mobile App Searching Just Became Easier!

Quick Intel supports the scanning of contracts across many chains (29 chains at the time of this post, but probably 30+ by the time you read it 😉).  While the Quick Intel scanner provides the chain’s icon and if you hover over the icon it shows the chain’s name, we thought it could be useful to have a chain search feature for those of you who like to see audits across multiple chains.

Quick Intel Adds Scroll Chain Contract Audit Support To The Quick Intel Suite Of Scanners

Quick Intel successfully added support for the newly launched Scroll blockchain.

“Scroll seamlessly extends Ethereum’s capabilities through zero knowledge tech and EVM compatibility. The L2 network built by Ethereum devs for Ethereum devs.

Scroll’s mission is to provide an accessible scaling solution that preserves the essence of Ethereum – trust-minimized, secure and open source. Like a scroll, our story is constantly evolving in our quest to secure Ethereum’s future and making the developer experience as easy as possible.”

Head over to https://scroll.io  to learn more about this chain.