Quick Intel Announces VERIFI - A Service Built For Web3 Projects

Feb 26, 2024

Project Updates

Unlocking a New Era of Trust in Web3: Quick Intel Unveils VERIFI.

Quick Intel's Contract Scanner has become a cornerstone in the Web3 space, offering free, multi-platform accessibility (web, Android, iOS) and the power to scan 39 chains. It fuels over 10 million API calls weekly, seamlessly integrated with your favorite Web3 platforms.

Additionally, our tiered subscription options provide users with even more features to streamline their research.

Now, we're taking transparency to the next level with VERIFI.

What Is Quick Intel VeriFi?

VeriFi is an optional, paid premium service that empowers developers to showcase their project's security and compliance, fostering trust and informed decision-making among potential investors.

VeriFi offers a one-stop solution for:

  • Enhanced User Confidence: Build trust with a centralized location for all your project's security data.

  • Seamless Data Management: Update your information effortlessly with unlimited accessibility.

  • API Integration: Reach a wider audience through our existing API network serving over 10 million calls weekly.

  • Comprehensive Showcase: Include KYC, audits, links, and project descriptions alongside your free scanner data.

Showcasing the Complete Picture: VeriFi seamlessly integrates your project details with our free scanner results, already trusted by industry leaders.

Your investors are already using our tools. Let us help you show them the complete picture!

How Does It Work?

When a project is Quick Intel verified, this means the Quick Intel team has validated all KYC and/or external audit data. After successful data validation, you'll receive the VeriFi badge, a trusted symbol of your commitment to transparency for your community and potential investors.

**The first 50 projects to sign up for VeriFi, get Quick Intel verified for FREE!

How to Get Your Project VeriFi'd:

Sign up to get your project Quick Intel VeriFi'd in 3 easy steps:

1. Visit https://support.quickintel.io/verifi to submit your project information.
2. Follow the provided instructions for payment and required information to avoid delays. You can also see a list of the KYC and Audit companies that we support prior to sending payment to ensure we will accept that source.
3. Get your information into the hands of potential investors quickly and easily.