How to Use the Results Guide on Quick Intel Scanner

Jul 14, 2023

Scanner Feature

Quick Intel has released an on-screen Results Guide helper for new users of the Quick Intel scanner!

We understand that a single yes/no data point does not provide users with all of the information required to fully understand the risks a contract may have. This is why the Quick Intel contract scanner provides a wide range of detailed information to support our users as they DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

To help onboard new users to navigate the Quick Intel platform, we have created the Results Guide.

What Is The Results Guide?

The Results Guide is a simple but an important on-screen helper that walks you through the six main groupings (or areas) of the scan results and provides an overview of what each one provides - making this platform even more beginner friendly!

What Kind Of Information Is Provided?

The Results Guide provides a high-level description of each of the six main areas of the scan results.  Its purpose is to help new users get acquainted with the scanner interface. Here are the six categories the helper will walk you through:

  1. Project information

  2. Honeypot test, tax breakdown, and if liquidity was locked/burned

  3. Number of indicators found in a smart contract

  4. Quicki Audit

  5. Top 10 wallets

  6. Contract view

How To Use The Results Guide

Once you have scanned a contract, simply click on the “Results Guide” button at the top of the page. You will see a box pop up and you can click the arrows at the bottom to navigate through each area.