Important Access Tier Changes You Need to Know - Quick Intel

Jul 10, 2023

Project Updates

Unlock your favorite safety features with our new access tiers!

At Quick Intel, we aim to continually add benefits and value to our community. One of the ways we can do that is by changing our access tier structure to our Quick Intel safety scanner to better align with our roadmap and future development. These tier updates will set the stage for providing $QUICKI holders with even more benefits. So let's dig into what is changing and why!

What's Changing?

  1. The Premium tier has been removed.

  2. The threshold of the All Access tier has been lowered from $500 to $250 worth of $QUICKI tokens.

  3. A new subscription model has been implemented for non-token holders - (Don't worry $QUICKI holders, this benefits you too so keep reading)!

Why We Removed the Premium Tier

The bottom line is, the difference between All Access and Premium tiers became blurry to many holders. We care about your feedback, and the Quick Intel team has been monitoring your questions and concerns regarding the confusion between the tiers. Based on your feedback, we decided to combine them! By doing so, you'll be able to have more clarity of which tier will best fit your crypto needs and budget, as well as help our team better allocate future new features!

This brings us to the next point…

All Access tier threshold has been reduced.

Because these two tiers are now combined, we have lowered the barrier to entry from $5oo to $25o worth of $Quicki tokens on the All Access tier. So if you were a Premium holder, good news - you are automatically upgraded to an "All Access" tier holder! If you were already an "All Access" tier holder, don't sweat - we've got some exciting new benefits in store for you too. We can't share them with you just yet, but we will be very soon! So make sure you stay tuned and stay connected!

What Is The New Subscription Service?

Our mission is to make crypto safer for everyone. In order to do that, we need to make our scanner and services more accessible to the entire crypto community. We understand that some users would rather pay monthly to gain access to additional Quick Intel scanner features or try out all of the features before purchasing $QUICKI tokens, and others would like to promote Quick Intel and get rewarded for their holdings!

With that said, let's take a look at the new tier structure!

The New Tier Structure

Tier 1: Basic

For those that want to start making their crypto journey safer, for free.


  • Quick Intel Scan (Basic Scan includes Quicki Audit but requires manual verification of data provided)

  • Quick Intel Dashboard Search

    Cost: FREE to all users

Tier 2: Basic Plus (Best Value)

For those that want more safety features than just the basics at an unbeatable price.


  • Everything in Basic

  • Access to rewards platform (Token holders only)

  • Expanded scan with details of suspicious actions, external actions, embedded
    contract links, known scam code detection

  • Quick Intel Dashboard Top Tokens

Cost: $4.99/month OR $50 worth of $QUICKI tokens

Tier 3: All Access

For crypto investors serious about protecting their portfolio with all the safety and security features.


  • Everything in Basic Plus

  • AI enhancements in scan results like Code Explanation and Scam Type Forecast

  • No ads

  • All Access group (Token holders only)

  • Quick Intel Dashboard New Tokens

  • AI tools

  • Alpha Wallet Tracking (Future addition)

  • Wallet Analysis (Future addition)

Cost: $12.99/month OR $250 worth of $QUICKI tokens

To see a full breakdown of each tier and their features, click here!

IMPORTANT! How does the new subscription model benefit $QUICKI holders? 10% of every subscription goes to a new Rewards Platform coming very soon!

How to Purchase a Subscription:

The subscription plan is available for purchase on our Web dApp. (Please note that subscription plans only work with the dApp and do not unlock the advanced scanners for Telegram or Discord bots).

The transaction is made through the trusted credit card service, Stripe, to allow your subscription purchase. The subscription service leverages your wallet as your key to access the tier benefits on the Web Dashboard just as if you held the tokens.

Oh, and we have something else special brewing for our holders. Stay tuned for details on the new Rewards Platform coming soon!