Quick Intel Honeypot Checker for Ethereum (EVM Based) Chains: Using Quick Intel Scanner

Oct 1, 2023

Honeypot Checker

Crypto’s Sweetest Scam: Why You Need Quick Intel's Honeypot Checker

Imagine sipping on a refreshing crypto cocktail, promised sky-high APYs, and moonish gains. But just as you savor the sweet returns, the glass shatters - you've stumbled into a honeypot scam, and your funds are trapped like flies in honey.

Honeypots are malicious code wrapped in enticing token contracts. They lure investors with irresistible rewards, only to lock their funds in, making them impossible to withdraw. It's a brutal reality in the crypto universe, leaving unsuspecting investors with empty wallets and shattered dreams.

Quick Intel Scanner: The leading trusted Web3 honeypot checker

For any crypto investor, security is paramount. A single misstep in this treacherous terrain can spell financial ruin. That's why investors rely on powerful tools like the Quick Intel Scanner, a vigilant hunter in the crypto wilderness, trained to sniff out these honeypot traps.

Quick Intel scans the intricate pathways of EVM chains, dissecting token contracts with microscopic precision. Its keen algorithms expose red flags like malicious code and suspicious contract behavior, safeguarding you from falling prey to honeypots and other predatory schemes.

But how does Quick Intel work its magic?

Scanning a token

Simply enter the Ethereum-based token address, and select scan to begin!

After the scan is complete, you’ll be presented with the results provided by Quick Intel.

Honeypot Test & Token Details

This section is where the Honeypot test results are displayed. Showing the honeypot test has passed, or failed, or if there is anything further to be aware of. Additionally, this section outlines key information about the token itself, like the Name, Symbol, Supply, if the token has a buy/sell/transfer tax, and if there are any relevant links. Reviewing this information is key to ensuring the token you are about to invest in isn’t a honeypot.

Quick Intel Audit

The audit section is a crucial section that outlines what the token is capable of doing. Rather than diving into the chain Explorer trying to decipher this world of code, Quick Intel takes that fun challenge on for you and gives quick and easy-to-read results.

Scams occur via different methods. One of which with the LP is not locked or burned as this allows the owner to remove the liquidity whenever they like, performing a “rug pull”.

Minting, allows the owner to create additional tokens, which if malicious, means they can create more tokens to then dump on users. We already have governments that do that, no need to allow that here as well!
Freezing the ability to trade essentially locks up tokens, not allowing users to move assets, buy, or sell.

Also knowing if the contract has any restrictions like max wallet, max transaction, if there are any suspicious actions, or external contracts linked, are crucial piece of information that should be made aware of so investors feel safe.


Knowing how much liquidity is in a token is key to ensuring you are able to buy and sell with easy. This should always be reviewed to ensure you are not throwing your money around into a black hole! We hear black holes aren’t that fun.


Always be sure to review the top holders. Knowing how the distribution of tokens is at the time, is key to ensuring there is no risk for 1 massive whale to dump on users. We’ve all been dumped when we were younger by our crush, so let's not relive that again!


Quick Intel has created a one-of-a-kind feature called ShadowShield that leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide further value to users and more insights to things that may not be directly visible to the naked eye. Using 100’s of thousands of smart contract data, Quick Intel’s AI models can give users confidence of a contract potentially being a scam.

Contract View

Many users aren’t able to navigate the muddy waters of blockchain explorers. While the current explorers are great, it sometimes feels like users need to get a degree just to try to decipher something. Quick Intel translates all this information for you.

Team taxes collected by the token can be viewed. Knowing how much funds have been collected by a project is important to understand if the team is scamming users, by what is known as “tax farming”. Collecting funds without delivering is not something you want to be involved in.

Recent actions of the deployer wallet can also help uncover things that may be unaware to users. You don’t want a malicious developer to change taxes, or perform hidden actions without your knowledge.

Quick Intel: All Access

Here's the thing: the Ethereum-based ecosystem is evolving at breakneck speed. New threats emerge daily, expanding past just a honeypot, and demanding constant vigilance. By subscribing to Quick Intel's All Access service, you gain access to their ever-evolving arsenal of detection tools, staying ahead of the curve and making informed decisions with confidence.

Don't let the Ethereum and Layer 2 hype cloud your judgment. Protect your investments with the power of Quick Intel. Sign up for All Access today and trade with the peace of mind knowing you're armed with the best token sniffing and honeypot detection technology available.

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Remember, in the crypto jungle, the most valuable asset is knowledge. And Quick Intel empowers you to find the real treasure, not the fool's gold.