Earn More With Quick Intel's New Affiliate Program

Jul 26, 2023

Project Updates

Quick Intel is excited to announce our new Affiliate Program!

After receiving so much support from the crypto community and people spreading the word about our safety tools, we wanted a way to give back the love.

We believe you should be rewarded for your efforts and earn money for promoting our project!

So we are launching a Quick Intel Affiliate Program!

The Quick Intel Affiliate Program is very exciting as it will reward those who promote the Quick Intel Subscription Service. It will allow you to receive a portion of the subscription revenue that you generate.  Let’s take a look at how it works!

How It Works

A person wishing to become a Quick Intel Affiliate can log in to our Quick Intel Affiliate portal, apply for the program, and receive a unique affiliate link.  All subscriptions purchased using your affiliate link will allow you to receive 15% of the subscription throughout the lifetime of that user’s subscription.

How Do I See How Many Referrals I Have?

After signing up, an affiliate can log in to the new Quick Intel Affiliate Portal where they can view their personal analytics including how many referrals have signed up for either the Basic+ or All Access Subscription Service.

How Do I Get Paid?

The question everybody really wants to know - "How do I get paid?"

Referral payments can be claimed via the Quick Intel Affiliate portal and will be paid out in either USD or specific cryptocurrencies. Payouts require a minimum of $100 and are generated on a Net-20 basis. For example, January commissions are generated on February, 20th.

How Does The Affiliate Program Benefit Holders?

We didn’t forget about our $QUICKI holders! With everything we create, our holders are at the forefront of our mind's. In fact, we have some very special plans for our holders that you will learn more about shortly when we release details regarding our Quick Intel Rewards Program. You will then see how many of our recent announcements including the Affiliate Program are directly tied to benefiting $QUICKI holders. Stay tuned!

How Do I Find Out More?

Visit the Quick Intel Affiliate portal for more details such as minimum payout amounts, payout schedules, and more.

Apply to become an affiliate today!