Quick Intel Scanner Now Supports 23 Blockchains

Jul 19, 2023

Project Updates

Imagine investing into a project hoping to 100X your money and you watch the chart with much anticipation. You did your research, it seemed safe enough. But then it rugs… There's a massive red candle and all of your money is gone in an instant.

Some of you don't have to imagine because it's happened to you, maybe even more than once.

Scenarios like this happen because most people don't know how to find the red flags within a project's code OR you invest and hope for the best…

We are committed to making the wild west of crypto safer for you so you can better prevent scenarios like this in the future. Which is why we created the Quick Intel Scanner (as seen on DEXTools).

For those who don't know, the Quick Intel Scanner allows you to input a smart contract's address (NFT or Token) and it will reveal the risks associated with that project - ranging from good, neutral, minor, and critical. It's designed to help you better protect yourself from malicious code, scams and rugs.

The scanner outputs a honeypot test, tax breakdown, project & liquidity info, Quick audit and so much more! It's free to use for users with the availability to upgrade and unlock more safety and security tools!

With over one million contracts scanned to date, we are one step closer to making mass adoption to crypto safer for everyone! In order to help even more users, we are working hard behind the curtain to continually add new blockchains that the scanner supports.

We are proud to announce the Quick Intel Scanner now supports 23 blockchains (and growing)!

At the time of publishing, Quick Intel supports the following blockchains:

  1. ETH


  3. BSC

  4. CORE

  5. KAVA


  7. METIS

  8. ASTAR

  9. OASIS


  11. FANTOM

  12. ZKSYNC

  13. ZKEVM

  14. LOOP


  16. CANTO

  17. IOTEX

  18. ENERGI

  19. VELAS

  20. GROVE

  21. PULSE

  22. LINEA

  23. BASE

As we stated, this number is continually growing! Which blockchain will be next?

In the meantime, be sure to try out the Quick Intel Scanner to better protect your portfolio from scams and rugs!