Sep 1, 2023

Scanner Feature

Quick Intel and their holders had a very exciting week with a celebration of surpassing 2 million contract scans, another integration partnership announcement, and yet another 2 new features being added to the scanner. 

Quick Intel’s Contract Scanner is available on the Web, Android, and IOS.  It is free to use and can scan contracts on 26 different chains!  We also have two additional holder or subscriber tiers that unlock additional features to make your research easier and faster.

Let’s dig into this past week’s announcements!

New Partnership With JDB:

We are pleased to announce a partnership with JDB!  JDB offers personal wallet tracking, alpha wallet trade copying, and much more.

Quick Intel and JDB will be cross-integrating our tools to bring more knowledge and power to our users! Quick Intel will be integrating their Alpha Wallet tool and JDB will be integrating the Quick Intel scanner!”

While these integrations are underway, you can access the link to JDB from the Quick Intel Contract Scanner:

External Contract Risk - New Scanner Feature:

Quick Intel has noticed an increase in scams utilizing external contracts to hide their scammer sins.  To combat this, Quick Intel has added another audit item to let you know if a token has an External Contract Risk.

These external contracts should be reviewed to ensure they are not malicious.

This feature is available to ALL tiers including our free one!

Similar & Exact Contracts - New Scanner Feature:

Quick Intel is pleased to announce the release of our similar and exact contracts feature, requested by many in our community!

You can now see contracts that are 100% exact, or even just similar, MULTI-CHAIN, allowing YOU to make better-informed decisions!

This feature is available to ALL tiers including our free one!

2 MILLION Quick Intel Scans:

Last, but certainly not least, Quick Intel hit a lofty milestone this week of hitting 2 million contract scans!  Quick Intel continues to gather steam hitting 2 million scans in half the time it took to hit 1 million scans.  

Quick Intel is already partnered and integrated with several great companies and continues to add new partners such as the JDB partnership just announced.  Who knows, maybe there will be another partnership announced very soon 😉